Top 10 Most Viewed 'Happy Slip' Videos on YouTube

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She is one talented Filipina indeed.

Christine Gambito has become one of the most popular internet celebrity on YouTube. She is so popular, in fact, that she has been appointed by the Philippine government to be tourism ambassador for the Philippines Department of Tourism.

I first saw her videos when I was in college. A friend of mine asked me to check her out because she said her videos are awesome. When I finally saw her videos, I couldn't stop watching them.

Here are the top 10 most viewed ‘happy slip’ web videos.


Major Characters


The following characters are still portrayed today in Gambito's videos:

  • Christine - Known as the main character in Gambito's videos seen to deal with her family's comedic traditions. Portrayed by Gambito.
  • Dad - Christine's father who is commonly seen in Gambito's videos constantly eating pork rinds. "Disaster!" is his commonly known catch phrase. His head is not seen in any of Gambito's videos possibly to conceal Gambito's face and/or for easy recognition. Portrayed by Gambito.
  • Mom - Christine's mother known for her traditional antics with her family. Portrayed by Gambito.
  • Auntie Baby Cruz - Christine's aunt known in Gambito's videos for her comedic antics and, at times, snobby remarks. Portrayed by Gambito.
  • Minnie Cruz - Auntie Baby's daughter and Christine's cousin who is constantly embarrassed by her mother. Portrayed by Gambito.
  • Lola - Christine's grandmother known for her comedic confusion. Portrayed by Gambito herself.
  • Teenie - A teenager known for her stereotypical acts meant to mock modern American teenagers. Portrayed by Gambito.

Minor Characters


The following characters are known for their role in affecting the HappySlip universe:

  • Kevin - Minnie's boyfriend whom Minnie met online. Portrayed by Kevin Wu (KevJumba).
  • Fred - Known for his love interest in Minnie. Also known for being an opponent to Kevin in a dance battle for Minnie's love. Gambito left the judging to viewers by holding a poll on her official website with Fred losing with 12% of votes.
  • Christian - Minnie's cousin sent out by Auntie Baby to watch over Minnie as she attends college. Portrayed by ninjadrops.
  • Sheila & Sally Smoot - Known for their roles in 'Plop & Shop!' imitating infomercial hosts. Both portrayed by Gambito.
  • Claire & Audrey - Twin sisters known for their soap opera acts. The characters became inactive after both allegedly shot each other to death. Both were portrayed by Gambito.

10. Contagious


9. Chill Pill


8. Band-Aid


7. KevJumba vs. Fred G. Dance Battle


6. Happy Slip Jingle


5. Mac Beautiful


4. Boypren


3. 5 Happy Slip Facts


2. 7.7.7


1. Mixed Nuts

Sources: Videos from Happy Slip Productions

Additional information about the characters from Wiki

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