Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Cebu Pacific

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We all know that domestic airlines are a vital part of a country’s transport system, especially in the case of the Philippine which is composed of island and islets. They serve as blood lines to the already fragile economy of the country, transporting goods/parcels of documents, business people, and travelers to the complex web of domestic air transport system in a country with archipelagic characteristics.


Because people depend on these airlines so much, some of them have become immune to customer complaints and dissatisfaction leaving no room for improvement.


These are my top 10 reasons why you should stay away from Cebu Pacific. The Philippines worst airline of all time.

10. No Snacks

Their advertorials says that they “believe that its time every Juan flies.” But because Cebu pacific provides the lowest possible airfare for “Juan”, they’ve decided that “Juan” will not have his snacks on his flights. But if ever Juan decides that he wants to have a snack, he’s gonna have to pay 100 pesos (current retail price 25 pesos) for a Cub Noodle and 50 pesos for a mineral water (current retail price 15 pesos). Now that’s what they call affordable!

9. Seats Are Damaged

Imagine that you are in a flight bound for Puerto Princesa for a business trip and you decide to doze off and you want to recline your seat in a comfortable angle. You start pushing the button but the seat just won’t recline. You call the flight attendant to inform her about your seat, and she just politely replies, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience sir, but you seat is broken.” You have no choice but to arrive in Puerto Princesa with an aching back and an “I’m pissed!” written all over your face.

8. No Newspapers or other Reading Materials

Every domestic airline provides local papers so that passengers can stay in touch with the local happenings. Unfortunately, when you fly Cebu Pacific, they don’t offer this one. Because they are committed to providing you with the lowest possible rates, they’ve decided to not include periodicals or other reading materials on their flights. Cebu pacific is the definition of cheap, and it’s not in a good way.

7. Cabin Crews are Clueless

Cabin crews are supposed to make your fight comfortable. But what happens when your flight crews are the source of your in-flight stress?


Excerpt panicqueen16:
1.Their flight attendants are ugly.
2. Their flight attendants are not courteous and not personable. (antipatika pa)

Excerpt Babel-Fish: On the 3rd April I traveled from Hong Kong to Manila by Cebu Pacific, the flight was on time and I had no trouble in obtaining my luggage.

But on the 4th I traveled on an early morning flight to Dumaguete airport I stayed in the airport overnight and signed in for my morning flight. The flight was delayed because of thunder clouds near Dumaguete City Negros Oriental. After an hour the crew went to board the aircraft and we where told the aircraft had been given clearance. Suddenly the crew returned to the gate and rush off. We where told they could not find the plane, lol


6. 45 minutes is 45 minutes

After a relaxing week in Puerto Pricessa, my cousin and his gang are ready to take on the challenges of work weeks ahead. But they’ve suddenly found out that dealing with Cebu Pacific time schedule is a challenge of its own. Their wits, argumentation skills, and self control have been tested when they arrived at the boarding gate of a Cebu Pacific flight.

A certain Marco Bolos, a Cebu Pacific employee denied my cousin and his gang to board the plane because he said “45 minutes is 45 minutes”. My cousin and his company arrived at the airport with minutes to spare. They can even buy a soda if they want to on their way to the gate to avoid Cebu Pacific’s “affordable in-flight snack rate”.

When they arrived at the gate, they were denied access because according to Cebu Pacific time, they were late. They argued and argued, but it the end; the crude argumentation skills of Mr. Bolos surpassed that of the most primeval person on earth. Logic and reason can’t get pass though his thick skull, requiring a lobotomy to screw some holes in his primitive brain-case so that he can at least have a sense of decency to hear some of the things my cousin wants to say to him. With an authoritative voice comparable to Marcos’ dictatorial manner, he uttered the words that even God himself can’t change, “45 minutes is 45 minutes”.

In the end, my cousin and his gang just proceeded to the ticketing station and bought another set of tickets. They fear that emotions might overrun their self control and gang up on Mr. Bolos.

The next day...

They arrived extra early to beat the Cebu Pacific “45 minutes is 45 minutes” rule. They were ushered to their seats and they were praying that they don’t experience another Mr. Bolos on their flight. Guess what? It’s not Mr. Bolos this time, but a flight attendant consciously violating the “45 minutes is 45 minutes” rule. She is escorting some people inside the aircraft minutes before the aircraft departs from the ports, with a smile on her face. How many time zones does Cebu Pacific has? It’s a question that even the most sought after physicist wont’ be able to answer. (I’ll bet one C2 drink costing up to 50 pesos each on a Cebu Pacific flight.)

For public service: This is Mr. Marco Bolos social networking account. If you experience his crude mentality, please don’t hesitate to add him and share him your thoughts. Good luck on that. I don’t see any head bandages suggesting lobotomy on his thick skull yet. But you can at least try.

5. Faulty Policies

Did you know that Cebu Pacific consciously overbook their flights to at least 15 people? If all reservations are filled, those unfortunate reservationist will be shuttled to a hotel for an overnight stay.

What if for example you are doctor and you have a save someone tonight in Manila, but the thing is you’ve been reserved to those overbooked planes. I guess your patient who needs a major heart transplant in Manila should wait another night hooked in ventilator until Cebu Pacific can decide you can fly. Or…


You can book another ticket to another air transport.

4. Delays

No further explanation required. Their delays are to the nth level. I’m guessing that they have “suki” accommodation in every area they serve for their infuriated passengers.

3. Online Booking Sucks


Take this one for example:


Excerpt Isapal: I booked a ticket online only to find out on the day I was to fly out at the airport that the booking got cancelled. As far as I'm concerned, when I book tickets online, give my credit card and receive a confirmation summary the transaction has gone through. That's how it is with any other airline and online transactions. However, Cebu Pac told me "Oh did you check with your credit card if you got charged? This transaction was just pending and did not go thru. For whatever reason, the transaction did not go thru.


2. You Might End Up in a Cheap Motel

Did I say hotel? Some of the clients of cebu pacific are booked in cheap motels. Ewww!


1. The Land and Flight Crews are Always Right

When you are flying Cebu Pacific, expect that your freedom of speech waived. You can’t argue with them because they are always right. If you don’t believe me, book a flight today.

Have a pleasant trip all! Because at Cebu Pacific, they don’t know why you fly!

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