Top 10 Rendezvous Trivia

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10. The plural and singular forms of the word “Rendezvous” are spelled the same but pronounced differently. Rendezvous, singular, is pronounced RUN-dei-voo. Plural, the word is pronounced RUN-dei-vooz.


9. The new electronica band, RendezVous, prefers to spell their name with a capital V.


8. RendezVous classifies their music as belonging to the electropop genre, but their songs are also part of the jazz movement.


7. RendezVous music has accomplished the impossible: they brought two opposite styles together. Their music has successfully fused clean, modern electronica with psychedelic retro sound.


6. Although RendezVous songs seem to require at least four musicians, the band is composed of just two members. Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg are the duo behind RendezVous.


5. Simon and Izenberg are no amateurs; they’ve both taken up music at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. In fact, that’s where they first met.

rendezvousitaisimon Rendezvoushagaiizenberg

4. Hagai Izenberg loves keyboards – both the musical and the computer type. Izenberg first learned to play the piano at seven years of age but also knows his way around computers, having worked in the Internet and software industry for 13 years.


3. Itai Simon is a bass guitarist – but he wasn’t until many years after he first learned to play the guitar. He tinkered with electric guitars at an early age but found his instrument, the bass guitar, only at the age of 17..


2. RendezVous is currently working with music veteran David Bascombe, a well-known figure in the music industry. Bascombe has done mixing and production with band icons Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode. He is teaming up with RendezVous for their first album launch.

depechemode tearsforfears

1. The jazz electronica band RendezVous already has more than 7000 fans on Facebook even if they haven’t released a single album.. After launching their very first EP, RendezVous earned thousands of fans. Their EP was downloaded countless of times, pushing them to the top of underground band lists. RendezVous now plans to go mainstream, with their debut album in the works. (Who knows how many fans they’ll have by then?)


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rendezvous is such a cool band! love their songs! hope to listen to their album soon. :D

interesting list. will watch out for these bands. i love rendezvous music too. hope they come up with more music. =)

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