Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Trivia

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10. While filming a fight scene, Robert Maillet accidentally knocked out Robert Downey Jr..


9.  Jude Law had an early role in "The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes" (1991) Shoscombe Old Place. This was the series featuring Jeremy Brett, and is a favorite adaptation among Sherlock Holmes fans.


8. The set for Sherlock Holmes's home in this film was previously used as Sirius Black's home in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007).


7. There were rumors that Brad Pitt has been cast as Moriarty and re shoots have taken place, but the rumors were quickly denied.


6. The part of Sherlock Holmes has been previously played by Michael Caine, while Watson is played in this film by Jude Law. Law took over Caine's role in Alfie (2004) and Sleuth (2007), appearing together with him in the latter film.


5. Sienna Miller was in talks for a role before her ex-fiancé Jude Law was cast as Watson.


4.  James Downey, Robert Downey Jr.'s uncle and long time head writer of "Saturday Night Live" (1975), played Sherlock Holmes in a sketch during the same season his nephew was a cast member.


3. The outfits worn by the navvies are the same ones worn by the railway workers in "Cranford: Part One: August 1844 (#2.1)" (2009).


2. Colin Farrell was in talks to play Watson before Jude Law was cast.


1.  The first Sherlock Holmes film to reach U.S. movie theaters in over twenty years, since the 1988 comedy Without a Clue (1988) with Michael Caine as Reginald Kincaid/"Sherlock Holmes".


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